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Telltale Signals That Your Crush Doesn’t Want a Romantic Connection With You

    Have you developed a secret crush on someone but you’re not sure if they feel the same way about you or if they desire a relationship with you?

    To tell you the truth, this predicament is quite a difficult one to deal with. This is due to the fact that when we have feelings for another person, it can be difficult for us to determine whether or not they are truly indicating any interest or whether it is our eagerness that causes us to see the truth through the so-called “love goggles”. It is also important for us to acknowledge that some people have very convoluted ways of behaving, and they may give off signals that are inconsistent with one another, leading us to question whether or not they are interested in a meaningful relationship with us.

    Having said that, the truth is that this is rarely the case, and the majority of the time, developing a connection with another person for the first time can be a process that is full of uncertainty, shifts, and confusion. Even though there are instances in which everything goes smoothly and consistently, the actuality is that this isn’t always the scenario. Especially considering that we are not accustomed to speaking honestly in situations in which we feel ashamed or afraid to reveal the truth and that we are even willing to lie in order to avoid causing someone else pain.

    If you are going through a situation similar to this one, in which you are unsure as to whether or not the person you have a crush on wants a partnership with you, we are going to provide you with five unmistakable indications that the person is not interested in pursuing a more serious commitment with you.

    Your Potential Love Interest Doesn’t Put in Any Effort

    When we get romantically engaged in another person, we start to develop stronger feelings of passion toward that person’s interests, tastes, and viewpoints, and most importantly, we want to spend time with them or communicate with them.

    Messages that inquire as to what you are up to or how your day is going, as well as specifics that demonstrate that the individual listens to you and is caring towards you, are important indicators that the person is seeking more commitment. On the contrary, if your crush does not indicate much enthusiasm for your ideas, preferences, or what you are doing, then it is possible that they are more apathetic toward you than you deserve.

    Discuss Your Romantic Experiences

    This is a nuanced issue because it is very dependent on the setting in which it occurs, the manner in which things are relayed, and the motivations that lie behind the incidents.

    Let us give you context examples:

    It is not a great sign if your crush may open up to you about his/her romantic life primarily to let you know that they are seeing other individuals and are possibly in love with someone else.

    However, if they tell you details about their romantic life in a context where they want to make you aware of they are available, for example, then they might also want to pursue a deeper connection with you.

    A good sign would be for instance, if they discuss subjects such as monogamy or polyamory, their stance concerning these relationship choices and their dynamics, wanting to observe if you like them too. On the contrary.

    Does Not Reveal Any Private Information to You

    If your crush only tells you stories that are on the surface and does not go into specifics about their way of life, it is possible that they want to maintain a certain distance from you, which is not a great sign if what you are aiming for is a relationship. If your crush only tells you stories that are on the surface, it is possible that he wants to maintain a certain distance from you. When we like another person, we are more likely to feel comfortable discussing personal details with them and even seeking their perspective on significant matters.

    Failure To Commit to Confirmed Plans

    When we have an interest in another person, it is only normal that we will have a strong want to spend time with that person. Therefore, if the person you have a crush on consistently bails on arrangements with you, it may be an indication that they are not interested in beginning a relationship with you, and you will undoubtedly lose faith in that person. You have earned the right to be in a relationship with someone who demonstrates to you that they look forward to seeing you and that they are enthusiastic about spending some time with you.

    Have Sexual Encounters With Other People

    Because there are individuals who indulge in showing interest in someone else just to arouse envy or to get attention, it can be difficult to determine whether the behavior of your crush is a sign that he does not want you or whether he truly wants you to feel jealous when you see them with someone else. In any situation, though, it is a red flag if you see them flirting with more than one other person while he is with you.

    If he/she is interested enough in you to develop something with, then they don’t need to make you feel bad, and if they are interested enough in you to build something together, then they would prefer to take care of you and respect you. If something like this occurs, you would better get out of there as soon as possible.